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Moistick Sensore umidità digitale


Produttore Made in Great Britain
Codice prodotto PBA2452
Disponibilità esaurito
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Moistick ® Humidity Sensor digital

Intuitive and easy operation.

* 3 moisture levels to choose from, depending on the water demand of the plant. The selected level is displayed on the display.
* Indoor / Outdoor election mode.
* Displays the current humidity.
* Gießalarm by a red flashing light.
* Suitable for all substrates (soil, mineral substrates).
* For indoor plants and outdoor plants.
* Works absolutely maintenance free.
* Splash-proof and corrosion resistant.
* Moisture content measurements independent of the fertilizer.
* Battery ca.imately 2 years (2x AAA batteries included).
* Indicates the display when the batteries need replacing.
* Dimensions LWH: 4.5 x 4 x 15 cm

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