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Biogold Vital

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Codice prodotto: PBAC2160
Produttore: Made in Japan
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Biogold Vital

Provenienza : Japan
Tipo : organico a lenta cessione
Sacco da : 5kg.

Biogold Vital is a full-organic, stimulating substance made in Japan pushing the metabolism of your plants. It boosts the defences and increases growing. Ideal for treating sick and weakened plants and after repotting.

Bio Gold Vital is no fertilizer, it`s a mixture of amino acids and vitamines. Bio Gold vital is not new, it is beeing used for more than 25 years in Japan. It can be applied to all kinds of plants.

10 ml per 1 lilter of water (1:100)
For activation or after stress (Repotting etc.): 20 ml per 1 liter of water
For everyday use 2 ml per 10 liter of water

Give the lotion on the soil, or spray on the leafes.

To initiate a growth response or repair root damage:
Water the soil around the roots with a solution of Biogold Vital that has been diluted at the recommended rate. This method provides a more direct effect on roots that have suffered rotting and also will stimulate better recovery as roots start to grow more actively in spring and autumn. Apply 2-3 times / month.

To prevent powdery mildew, blackspot, leaf burn:
STEP 1 Water plants normally with fresh water.
STEP 2 Make up a solution of Biogold Vital in a container with a suitable spray nozzle.
STEP 3 Spray over the plant as a foliar spray after diluting at the recommended rate. Apply 2-3 times / month.

In preparation for planting, repotting or transplanting:
STEP 1 Make a reservoir of dilute liquid as the drawing indicates
STEP 2 Submerge the plant in its pot for 30 - 60 minutes
STEP 3 Repot into its new pot
STEP4 After planting, repotting or transplanting, water fully with a solution of Biogold Vital. You may apply at a dilution rate of 100:1 [Water : Biogold Vital]